Amy Lundstrom : Photography and Textile Design

“I thank my uncle Eddie (Ed Bock Artist / Commercial Photographer) for giving me my first camera and inspiring me to understand the world better by using my lens. By highlighting the value in opposing perspectives, photography invites a deeper understanding and appreciation for life.

These photo collages on metal were inspired by races at a dry lake bed in El Mirage, CA. I was amazed by the number of custom vehicles and sense of freedom; my aim with these layered photography works is to illustrate a bright vitality tied with a custom ride.

I’m driven by the decisive moment and never tire of the challenge of capturing these split second expression that seem to reveal a truth about the human experience.”  Amy’s first love is portrait and wedding photography and she continues to photograph events in California and New England.

Since moving to Shelter Cove in 2018 I’ve been inspired to share the exceptional beauty of this place. Amy’s vibrant designs and patterns blend photography, line drawing and paint in a digital format to celebrate nature.  My designs are inspired by the details of things found in nature combined with fashions. To see my textile designs and shop for comfortable yet festive clothes :