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Donna Attar, Abstract Acrylic Painter
“I start with color and form, the movement decides the rest. I do not know what will be the beginning or end – it’s a surprise.”

Brian Czaja multi media artist working in oil pastel, photography, acrylic, chalk.

Sandra Czaja, Photographer
Words will never be enough to explain the wild beauty of this area. Photos bring Shelter Cove to life.

Wes Edwards: Prolific Landscape Photographer in Humboldt California


Richard Foe Fatu
Avakasi Samoan artist with modern touch to traditional Polynesian tatau. All art has a meaning just like a tatau (tattoo) on the body.

Cindy Green
Multi media artist with the majority of work in pastels and acrylic.

Venessa Kay
Crazy about art, she is inspired by her indigenous culture. She paints visions and dreams in watercolor.

Amy Lundstrom : Photography and Textile Design

These photo collages on metal were inspired by races at the dry lake bed, El Mirage, CA. I was amazed by the number of custom vehicles and sense of freedom; my aim with these layered photography works is to illustrate that joyful bright vitality tied with a custom ride.

Amy’s first love is portrait and wedding photography and she continues to photograph events in California and New England. https://amylundstromphotography.com.

Since moving to Shelter Cove in 2018 I’ve been inspired to share the exceptional beauty of this place. Amy’s vibrant designs and patterns blend photography, line drawing and paint in a digital format to celebrate nature.  My designs are inspired by the details of things found in nature combined with fashions. Enjoy some of Amy’s textile designs and fashions for sale on : http://amylundstrom.com

Kathleen Marcotulli 

Multi Media Artist

Larry Mills Jr.

Mark Mitchell
I love to paint landscapes; where the ocean meets the mountains, locations where nature dominates the scene.

Mary Neufeld
​”My father learned to paint oils at age 30 from my maternal grandmother. All my life I watched him. I started three years ago using acrylics.

Katalina Prince

Multi Media Artist

Walter Prince 
Architect, designer, fabricator, artisan, horticulturist.

Susan Sack  Native of Lancashire, England, Susan Sack is a self-taught artist who loves art so much she traveled the world to see the masters in person. Inspired by the works of Vincent Van Gogh, Monet, Georgia O’Keeffe, Patrick Woodroffe, Erte and local artist Frank Cieciorka, her goal is to create powerful images that fill our sacred places with joyous inspirations from the ocean and nature. Her mixed media artworks can be described as a mix of traditional realism, contemporary impressionism and symbolism.

Margariet Seinen
Paints on silk with dyes. Her subject matter ranges through mandalas, still life, scenery, nature divas, mermaids, flowers…

Sue Taylor
Is best known for her mixed media assemblages, influenced by Art Nouveau, Deco, Arts & Crafts design. Themes include local California history.

Jessica Willis ‘Taking time to immerse myself in nature is where I find inspiration and peace of mind. Whether its a walk in the woods, fishing, and painting on a river, or scuba diving out to sea, each moment overtakes my senses & is imprinted on my soul. I find compositions everywhere and my imagination soars. Colors, light, textures, and intuition guide my work, transforming the painting surface with impulsive brush strokes and layering techniques.

I received my Bachelor’s of Fine Art in Sculpture from Ohio State University in 2013. Learning trades such as welding, woodworking & making molds led to unique sculptures and installations where I emphasized expressing growth and decay and the web connecting everything living. I still focus on the beauty of nature and change while I’ve adapted and developed a unique painting process, surrendering to improvisation with my brush.

Since graduating, I have been exploring four different painting mediums & documenting my adventures. Upon moving to California in 2015, I was introduced to plain air painting which drastically changed my art practice. Acrylics give me the ability to paint expressively and freely while my style continues to develop, but I look forward to more encaustic paintings as well. The tactility of creating my own eco-friendly paint from beeswax and tree resin, and using fire to manipulate the surface is mesmerizing and excites my senses and my sculptural background.’