Mark MItchell: Artist

I love to paint landscapes; where the ocean meets the mountains, locations where nature dominates the scene.

“As a very young child, I took an immediate interest in painting.  I somehow got away from it and rediscovered it when I took an art class at the local community college probably about 50 years later.   I was not really doing much in the class, until one night the teacher told us we could work on anything we wanted.  As I have always loved the deserts, mountains and oceans, I did a quick painting of a desert scene. “That was it!”  My love of art came back at that very moment and I have been hooked for the past ten years.
I love the solitude of mountains, deserts and ocean scenes.  Living in Shelter Cove is the perfect place for me to be inspired and challenged to try to capture our magnificent surroundings.  I still make trips to the desert when I feel the pull of that scenery too.
I hope you enjoy my works.”