Wes Edwards: photographer

Wes’ love for Photography began at an early age. His uncle Donald was a professional photographer and Wes spent many a day with Don both on assignments and in his darkroom. The darkroom was a place of amazement for Wes. Seeing images emerge from a bath of chemicals was truly magic for him. The down side was, the very chemicals that brought him amazement affected him, think stomach pain and headaches.
Wes always had some type of camera with him and loved recording family events. The chemicals were a big obstacle for not being able to have a darkroom. When digital photography came along Wes jumper in head first! He took Photoshop classes in SF and went on photography trips all over the world. The format was shooting all-day and attending classes in the evening. Photoshop was taught along with composition, subject choice and much more. Sharing images projected on a screen allowed the class to understand, train the eye and learn the art of photography.
Wes prints most of his photographs and has taken classes to help perfect this skill. Lately he has had some of his images produced on aluminum. They are super sharp with bright bold colors and very durable.

Wes has always loved nature and Humboldt County has an abundance of natural beauty that he loves to photograph. He can often be seen around Shelter Cove or in the Redwood Groves around the county. Wes has been in Humboldt since 1972.